Neven Ignjic

Unity3D Developer

 I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and my specialty is working in Unity3D. I have started working in Unity about four years ago and since then I tried many of it's aspects. I have worked with numerous people and done an online three month internship at Fancy Turnip, LLC, a game making studio in Los Angeles. Right now I work at cyoub UG and I am studying at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Banja Luka.



As for the experience inside Unity goes, I have worked with both Mecanim and Legacy animation systems but I always prefered Mecanim, I know well both Unity's old legacy GUI and new one that came out with Unity 4.6, I am very good with making Editor scripts which increases the speed of development by removing redundant work. I know basics of writing and editing of shaders and I already have my preset libraries to increase both writing speed and readibility of code. Right now I am learning to use Unity's new networking system that we waited for so long and hope to replace Photon with it in my following games.

experience with assets

I listed bellow assets that I use on weekly basis, have very good understanding of or have used them before.


Outside of Unity, I am very good with Electrical Engineering (even won third place at national championship in Bosnia this year), know my way about both analog and digital electronics. Because of my combined knowledge in EE and SE I am very good with microcontrollers (mostly ESP, Arduino and Raspberry Pi). As of languages I know Java, JS, C, C#, SQL, PHP, HTML and have experience with Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Multisim, Eagle and many more.



Unity3D AssetStore

Location Location

Publised my first asset to Unity's official AssetStore page which makes easier usage of EditorGUILayout, reduntant things are lost and code is made much more viewable, as well as not having to say exact type of variables you are working with (e.g. EditorGUILayout.IntField), meaning when you change type in main class you don't have to change it too in editor class, this plug in takes care of that for you. Foldouts, indents, tables, scopes are also made much simpler now.

Link to AssetStore

Education and schoolarship

Received schoolarship to attend Faculty of Electrical Engineering for free, department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (Bachelor's). Candidates who applyed for this schoolarship were given mathematical problems to solve and based on their scores on tests, best 60 were awaded the schoolarship. You can find me by name : "Игњић (Перо) Невен" (this is just in cyrillic annotation), I took 31. place.

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Download official rang list June 2016

Presented fully working maket of CNC machine to team of engineers

This project was my graduation's work, I presented it to dr. Dejan Nikolic, M.Eng Dino Kaloper and as well to couple of other engineers and witnesses. They had unanimous vote to award me perfect score on graduation's work.







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Graduated with perfect score on all subjects (Electrotechician of Computer Science)

Had perfect score (5.00) during my last year of studies.

View certificate (Soon)May 2016

Won third place on VIII Festival of Work in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I competed on largest national competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of Digital Electronics where I won third place, specifically we had a task to design a automat that had buttons, simple 7 segment displays and would provide specific output signals, this all could be made using only logical gates (AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR), flip-flops and basic analog devices that would power up the system. Kept the same rank as the last year but changed field in which I was competing.

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Started full-time employment with innovating company called cyoub UG. I will continue working with them untill college, then I will switch to half-time employment with them.

March 2016


Bomp is a small mobile game published for both Android and iOS, I worked in free time with one of the most awesome programmers I know, Ayman Horani and couple of other amazing people. You can check out the link when we finished the game here : link.

We planned to start working on another game but we never got around to it because we were both busy with work. Hope we can find time to finish it sometimes in future.

August 2015


Won third place on VIII Festival of Work in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I competed on largest national competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of Analog Electronics, specifically in the field of Analysis and design of transistor based amplifiers.

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Worked on Mighty Vikings : The Blight of Skarnolf














For more info check out our website:Link

or link to our Unity3D forum showcase: Link

April 2015


Three month internship at Fancy Turnip


Did a three months internship at Fancy Turnip, game making studio located in Los Angeles.

February 2014 - April 2014

Arena Game







Arena Gama (working title), is a MOBA styled game that takes interesting turn in the monotone MOBA gameplay mechanics, it features new styles of playing and critical thinking. Right now we are small team that has been working on this game for more than a year, we have tested many different types of playing and technologies. In this team, I am only programmer, so I have writen whole game by myself.

Team: Ofek Maymoni, Peng Zhang, Warren Zahari, Ciro Mihanovic.

Gameplay video preview


Graphics video preview


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