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My main interests are Unity3D, web technologies, procedural generation of meshes and logically connected structures, math based animations, Arduino and electrical engineering and much more... I have been working in Unity3D for about 5 years and in that time I worked out many of it's aspects. I have worked in both Mecanim and Legacy animation system, know how to construct Legacy UI, Editor UI and new Unity UI, but generally I don't prefer working on UI unless it's innovative. I know basics of writing shaders and have worked with Alloy, Marmoset and Unity's PBR as well as with CustomTextures. I have implemented Photon, Bolt and Unity's networking systems and I know all kinds of tweeners that exist. I like working on procedurally generated anything, meshes, colliders, animations, materials, doesn't matter which one it is as long as it is procedurally generated. During my work at cyoub UG I have worked a lot with designers and prefer to work in environment with artistic freedom for both design and approach. I am interested a lot in AR and VR and currently invloved in develpment of AR project.




The Typotastic APP is a 5 star rated iOS app, it magically turns your words into outstanding 3D videos. Create 4 second video loops or still images with 3D fonts and FX that normally take hours and 3D skills with just one tap.

My role
I worked on this project from April 2016 till Novemeber 2017 (19 months), I worked on creating algorithm that based on designer's input, which consists of GameObject with child meshes of text and decorations created using VText saves all data and insights like relations between rows (size relation, distance...) and then based on that data and text that user input's creates new 3D sculpture that looks like designer's work but text is the one user typed in.
Editor script
All that work would result in about 1.5MB database, which is huge since it's made out of primitive data types (to put things in perspective that is 32,768 four byte variables) and all that data needs to be edited by designer for fine tuning, testing and making inprovements so I made editor script to easily edit all that.
Materials are also all dynamically applied based on predetermined rules made by designers and on rules made while generating the sculpture.
All animations are math based, this is needed since they need to run on procedurally generated structures, I used a lot of different methods here including tweeners, bezier curves, a lot of different kinds of interpolators and Reaction-diffusion system in combination with RenderTextures for texture animation.


Self made project

Mini version of working CNC prototype that uses two stepper motors and one servo motor. It has control software on PC that reads SVG files and then proceeds to calculate path of all motors and sends that to Arduino over USB.

First version
It uses Arduino microcontroller and steppers that I scavenged from CD-ROM, for stepper driver I used any Darlington Pair I could find (TIP120 based ones) which have internal resistors and fly-back diode, each wire of stepper is connected through resistor to 12V, and Darlingtons are just connecting it to ground when needed which makes certain coil 'closer' to ground. Servo is lifting the pen up and down.
Second version
I redid the hardware part, implemented L298N stepper driver as well as 1N4007 diodes as flyback protection for driver. Driver has connection to logical voltage and +9V which reduces current it draws, and it wastes about two times less energy than my last circuit.
Third version
Control software is implemented now, uses SVG for drawing and calculates positions which are then passed to Arduino and then to motion, steppers are now in half-step drive and PCB is printed out, it is "shield" type so it's mounted on Ardunino

Mighty Vikings : The Blight of Skarnolf

PixelRules (Unfinished) a fantasy Viking action rpg that uses Norse themes and artefacts as gameplay elements, with some cool and over the top characters, but not taking itself too seriously. Just a fun dungeon crawler with a driving narrative and a big world to explore.

The World
You must explore dangerous lands fighting monsters, big and small. Explore every city, every dungeon, smash every enemy and liberate forts and villages to accomplish this task. And helping the villagers of Tuen means they will help you to choose your next move in the game wisely, to please the gods and save your people.
The Weapons
In order to fight great wars, heroes need ancient runic arms and armour crafted by the gods themselves. Starting with basic melee weapons like the spiked mace and long sword you must aquire greater and more powerful weapons to survive in your quest.
Might Of The Vikings has been in development since 2015 by Pixel Rules Studios, and will soon be launched on Kickstarter! So far we have developed several prototype game maps and fully animated characters such as vikings, creatures and even humble villagers that will bring this Norse fantasy tale to life. Our team has decades of combined of experience in games development and Might Of the Vikings brings together that experience and passion for games.


ARENA GAME (working title)


Arena Gama (working title), is a MOBA styled game that takes interesting turn in the monotone gameplay mechanics, it features new styles of playing and critical thinking. Sadly this projects was never finished but it tought me a lot of things since this was my first serious project, along the way I met a lot of interesting people with whom I worked on this project since December 2013 till January 2016.

My part
In this team, I am only programmer, so I have writen whole game by myself, I had to work on many different aspects like UI, gameplay, AI, multipayer elements, matchmatking and database for users, effects and much more


Bomp a small mobile game published for both Android and iOS, I worked in free time with one of the most awesome programmers I know, Ayman Horani and couple of other amazing people.

iOS  Android


Exotic Inspector Extensions

Publised my first asset to Unity's official AssetStore page which makes easier usage of EditorGUILayout, reduntant things are lost and code is made much more viewable.

Asset Store


Internship at Fancy Turnip

Did a three months internship at Fancy Turnip, game making studio located in Los Angeles.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Banja Luka

Bachelor of Computer Science and Software engineering (240 ECTS points)


October 2016 - Present


Electrotechician of Computer Science


September 2012 - May 2016

Awards & Certifications

  • 1st Place - Best practical work, VIII Festival of Work (BiH) - May 2016
  • 3rd Place - Digital electronics, VIII Festival of Work (BiH) - May 2016
  • 3rd Place - Classic electronics, VII Festival of Work (BiH) - May 2015