Neven Ignjic

Unity3D Developer

 I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and my specialty is working in Unity3D. I have started working in Unity about four years ago and since then I tried many of it's aspects. I have worked with numerous people and done an online three month internship at Fancy Turnip, LLC, a game making studio in Los Angeles. Right now I work at cyoub UG and I am studying at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Banja Luka.



Outside of Unity, I am very good with Electrical Engineering (even won third place at national championship in Bosnia this year), know my way about both analog and digital electronics. Because of my combined knowledge in EE and SE I am very good with microcontrollers (mostly ESP, Arduino and Raspberry Pi). As of languages I know Java, JS, C, C#, SQL, PHP, HTML and have experience with Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Multisim, Eagle and many more.


As for the experience inside Unity goes, I have worked with both Mecanim and Legacy animation systems but I always prefered Mecanim, I know well both Unity's old legacy GUI and new one that came out with Unity 4.6, I am very good with making Editor scripts which increases the speed of development by removing redundant work. I know basics of writing and editing of shaders and I already have my preset libraries to increase both writing speed and readibility of code. Right now I am learning to use Unity's new networking system that we waited for so long and hope to replace Photon with it in my following games.

experience with assets

I listed bellow assets that I use on weekly basis, have very good understanding of or have used them before.


Special thanks to Bianca Guerrero for providing styles and template for this website, Jack Moore for creating Colorbox, Sebastiano Guerriero for creating Vertical Timeline and Nucleo Library for providing various icons for free.

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