Arena Game

Map texture for Arena

Arena Gama (working title), is a MOBA styled game that takes interesting turn in the monotone MOBA gameplay mechanics, it features new styles of playing and critical thinking. Right now we are small team that has been working on this game for more than a year, we have tested many different types of playing and technologies. In this team, I am only programmer, so I have writen whole game by myself.
      Some of the game featues include selecting units, click-to-move mechanics where you click the point you want selected character to go and he would using A* Pathfinding Project go to the desired location. Different types of units (ranged, melee, special, flying, ground...), different types of spells (flash, invicible, buffs and debuffs) and well writen system of easily creating buffs and debuffs which would alter character stats for specific period of time.
      The game features basic AI and has working multiplayer using Photon Networking, where as you enter the game, the server would match you with first player that is waiting for oponent or make you wait for oponent.
      The game includes runtime editors where you can change both environment (camera position and angle, FOV) and unit values (attack speed, attack damage, movement speed, animation speeds, ranges, health...). You can also with click on one button save all those stats to txt file which you can later load into the game and it will automatically change all stats that differ.
     Below you can see two videos of just showing basic game principles, unfortunately we are under process of redoing all art in the goal of taking it to next level, so demos below are just functionality previews.

Gameplay video preview

Graphics video preview